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Post by F1118 »

Whats the url to the website that is associated with this message board?


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Post by Alex »

For the most part, this board stands on it's own.

There are other sites that point to this one, but this board isn't really affiliated with other sites.

Look around, and you'll find links to other places.


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Post by F1118 »

There was one website I had in my mind, the one that I used to find this board. Just can't seem to remember what it was and I lost my bookmarks. I believe it had a software section on it but at that time that section of the site was down. If you happen to know what im talking about let me know.

Thanks Everyone

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Post by Threeshot223 »

This is the site that you were looking for.

However, as you'll see, it is no longer operating due to lack of funding.

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Radtek was pulled temporarily due to web host issues. it will be back up by years end.

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