FTL-2011 problem programming

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FTL-2011 problem programming

Post by KG4VDK »

Here's the problem. I have it set up like this...Computer (CE5 v4.10), Cable (Bought for VX-2500, but states it will work for *011 series), Radio. When I try to read the radio, I get "press space", "Press A (or MON)", "Problem Detected With Connection". This happens everytime, reading or attemting to write. Am I completely not getting the picture or what's going on?

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Post by n2rld »

Hope your useing a DOS computer with DOS 6.22 on it and that the Computer is no faster the a 486 100MHZ, the software for those radios does not work on anything faster

Karl N2RLD

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Post by Nittfo »

Try selecting a different COM port in the software...my IBM thinkpad will only talk to the radios when COM 2 is selected.

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Re: FTL-2011 problem programming

Post by coenen1 »

I am getting the same message. Is there anything I can do to slow the computer down so I do not get this message and I can program the radio.

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Re: FTL-2011 problem programming

Post by silverbk »

You don't necessarily need a slow computer. You do need DOS, real DOS not a DOS window. Double check your software to make sure it is set to the correct com port.

You can easily make a DOS boot disk or floppy and then run your software.

As far as slowing things down there is a program called moslow, but I don't have any experience with it.

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Re: FTL-2011 problem programming

Post by coenen1 »

Can anyone tell me how to change the default com port setting in the programming software. My computer is using com port 2 for the serial port and the software is set on com port 1. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: FTL-2011 problem programming

Post by vtxstdtech »

To change com port go to
Com Port
Select correct com port for computer.

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Re: vertex standard programming problem

Post by chgt40 »

i have a vertex standard vx-2500v and it keeps saying hardware mismatch how do i fix this ???

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