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Post by litchfieldfire » Tue Jan 22, 2008 12:23 pm

I am looking for the pin out of the 15 pin sub D connector on the back of the VX-4204. Specifically, I want the audio line out connections to drive a station PA system.

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Re: VX-4204

Post by davster82 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 6:36 pm

I am looking for a picture and dimensions of the VX-4204-0-50

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Re: VX-4204

Post by n9gik » Thu Mar 06, 2008 4:59 am

I've not stumbled across a pin-out yet. Did find a few places with service manuals for sale, which might have what you want. If you go to http://www.service-docs.com/store/catal ... 250&shop=1 you can purchase and download a manual, while RFWHIZ.com has one o a CD available http://www.rfwiz.com/Manuals/VertexStan ... wParts.htm

Hey! Just found a free down load at http://www.free-service-manuals.com/Sca ... index.html They will require registration on their site to do it...but the price is right.

Oh, and Davster#2, Economy 2-way ( http://www.econ2way.com/catalog/public/VX4100-4200.htm ) has a photo and dimensions on their page.
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Re: VX-4204 Dsub-15 pin-outs

Post by boteman » Fri Aug 01, 2008 11:20 am

Vertex VX-4204-0-50 mobile radio accessory pin-outs:

Pin 1: AF IN - External microphone input. Nominal input level is 6mVolts across 600 ohms.

Pin 2: AF OUT - Low-level receiver output. Peak signal level is 150mVolts across 600 ohms.

Pin 3: AF GND - Ground for all logic levels and power supply return.

Pin 4: DC OUT - Switched 13.6 Volt d.c. output for accessories. (No maximum current specified.)

Pin 5: RSSI - A d.c. voltage proportional to the strength of the signal currently being received. This low impedance output is generated by the receiver i.f. sub-system and buffered by an internal op amp. Typical output voltages range from 1 Volt with no signal received through 2.0 Volts @50dB signal (no reference given for the dB figure).

Pin 6: EXT PTT - Shorting this port to ground causes the transciever to be placed in the Transmit mode. Opening the connection to this port returns the transceiver to the Receive mode. Voltage when open is 5 Volts. Typical current flow when closed/grounded is about 5mAmps.

Pin 7: TRX - (antenna relay) This port is intended for controlling an external TX/RX switching circuit. When the transceiver is placed in receive mode this port is 5 Volts. When the transceiver is placed in transmit mode this port is at 0 Volts.

Pin 8: IGN - The radio can be switched between active and standby modes by the vehicle ignition key switch. Maximum current supplied is 20mAmps. (No info on which state of the port translates to which radio mode.)

Pin 9-12: ACC1 -> ACC4 Accessory Ports - These output port features can be programmed via the CE59 programmer. Each port is open collector output which can sink about 30mAmp when active.

Pin 13, 14: not used

Pin 15: GND - chassis ground.

For my part, I sure hope that one of those programmable output pins can be set for COR/coded squelch indicator, or that will be yet another radio with short-sighted design.

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