Vertex VXR-9000U DCS Turn Off Code Timing

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Vertex VXR-9000U DCS Turn Off Code Timing

Post by fineshot1 » Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:25 pm

OK - Using a Vertex VXR-9000U UHF repeater with a variety of Motorola HT's and Mobiles.

I seem to have got the turn off code phase(120) and timing (200ms) right in the Vertex CE60 programing
but still am able to hear in the motorola receiver(using an XTS5000 as a test radio) the actual 134Hz turn
off code. It is at a very low level but can still hear it just before the repeater drops and the receiver is silenced.

Anyone ever have this issue?

I know when using moto repeater to moto ht's and mobiles you can not hear the turn off code at all, the receivers
simply get silenced very fast. It is not a major problem and I can live with it if I must be hoping that someone
knows of a possible solution or perhaps I missed something in the Vertex CE60 program software.

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