Ge M RK UHF Portable

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Ge M RK UHF Portable

Post by deerhaven » Mon May 09, 2005 10:16 pm

I am interested in getting a GE M RK, my question is will any M RK automatically work with encription or do I need a module? My police department has Digital Encyption. I want to buy another radio on for myself. I know I need a keyloader, but not sure if the radio needs DVP or edacs encription. Any help

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Post by 1 ADAM 12 » Thu Jun 09, 2005 10:54 am

Hhmmm... where to begin. First off the M-RK series requires a encryption board and there are two choices either Voiceguard or DES, secondly the radios could be running analog or digital mode (Aegis) along with encryption also. That being said, if your department will let you carry a personal radio than they should have no problem loading an encryption key, as matter of fact they will be the only ones who can do it since they hold the key fill device with the key. It should be obvious that if you are not authorized to have access than and you somehow manage to accomplish this you have committed a crime.. so if thats the case then give up... if not you should speak to someone in the radio shop to make sure you get the right version of radio and hardware configuration. I'd give up on the keyloader idea, I'd be amazed if a department would give their key out to anyone including an individual officer. The whole concept invalidate the whole secure communications principal. :ignore:

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