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GE M-RK II programming cable...

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:51 am
by radio_rookie
I am having a problem with programming cable for M-RK II , DB9-UDC more exactly . I have two UDC schemes and I do not know witch is good. First is from " LBI-38740 MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR 403-500 MHz PERSONAL TWO-WAY FM RADIO COMBINATION" and the second one was gave to me by a friend. Normally if you short the pin 8 and 10 the radio should enter into Programming Mode. The one from manual does not do that but the one my gave to me works ( the radio enters Programming mode) . In order to be able to program the radio I have DB-9 connector and EDACS 4.
Can anyone tell me what pins should I connect ?
I have connected RX, TX, GND but it does`n work. Do I need a 12V supply? What is correct pin array ? (from UDC)

Re: GE M-RK II programming cable...

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:18 pm
by radio_rookie
I searched some more and I found LBI-38203C [ ] where are all the pins described. So far so good..I connected DB9 - UDC as fallows :
rx-dat [E1]----------2
tx-dat [E11]---------3
gnd [E10]---------5
| short
cts [E3]-----------8

I turn the radio on and I get PC PROG when I try to read the radio with EDACS 18 it says "Could not initialize radio. Make sure the radio is in programming mode....etc".
What am I doing wrong?
Can any one help me ?
I double checked all the connections and cables...still nothing
Do I need more than rx-d, tx-d, cts, gnd to program?

All help counts and will be much appreciate!