Building an MA-4472 speaker for MAXON SM-4000

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Building an MA-4472 speaker for MAXON SM-4000

Post by mbuhboot » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:20 pm


I have recently bought a 2nd hand MAXON SM-4450 off eBay. The unit was listed without a PTT but the price was so ridicules that I couldn't resist buying it.

Looking for a PTT I realized there are limited places that sell the MA-4472 PTT - and in outragous prices (twice than what I paid for the radio :-) )

I found a schematic of the PTT unit ( ... ervice.pdf) and I was thinking of taking a low cost ICOM/YEASU compatible PTT which are solder for $5 (example - any ideas on how to wire it?

Thanks in advance!


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