5100 Series Board Swap Question

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5100 Series Board Swap Question

Post by firemedic »

Ok, I'm at a stuck point, I have 4 radios, 2 uhf and 2 800 mhz. the 2 uhf units have all the features I need in the 800mhz radios, can I swap over the rf boards and align the radios or is there any way to transfer feature sets from one radio to another similar to the srec tricks on the motorola astros? I hate having to spend a crapload of cash to get the smartzone/smartnet feature set into the 800 mhz radios and I have zero use for it right now in the uhf units. Urgh, thanks for any insight.

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Re: 5100 Series Board Swap Question

Post by W0VNE »

I know this is a really old thread but I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this. What boards if any can you swap. I know you can use tune to change the band and Obviously the RF board has to be changed but is either the front panel or the bottom logic board "universal" ?

I finally printed out the service manual (I just can't read this stuff on my laptop) so maybe I'll eventually understand it enough but if anyone has already done the work that would be most highly appreciated.

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Re: 5100 Series Board Swap Question

Post by gatekeep »

RF boards can be freely swapped between v4 (X-Series) and v6 (ES-Series) radios of all types.

The DSP logic and UI boards however, can't. The only compatibility here is between radios of the same series, i.e. X to X or ES to ES, you can't for instance take a v6 ES DSP board and stick it in a v4 X radio.

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