5131 Parameter error help

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5131 Parameter error help

Post by W0VNE » Fri Nov 04, 2016 5:35 pm

I picked up a pair of 5100s These are both 5131 UHF 380-470 MHz radios with a blank front. *No buttons or display.
Using pcc or at 9600 baud I am able to read the options and the version information.
*Note I've tried setting the parameters to UHF Lo and UHF 380
Model # 242-512A-433JH6
The version info is
File Format 5.9
DSP 4.8.2
Controller 6.2.11
BootLoad Ver 6.4

I can't read the parameters - It starts to show the bar on the bottom reading something then it errors out with
"Invalid file read/opened. Operation aborted. In other posts I see that its the version of PCC that is at fault for this type of error.

I've tried a couple newer versions of pcc but can't get them to do anything. I've looked around the web for a couple hours so maybe I'm missing something? I "think" these were used in the military. At least some writing on one of them leads me to think that. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!


I get the typical bableep when I turn it on but if I change channels I get 6 beeps which I don't believe I've heard before.

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Re: 5131 Parameter error help

Post by Intrinsically Safe » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:35 am

Six beeps means it is set to use encryption on that channel but there are no keys loaded.
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