5300ES V6 with remote.

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5300ES V6 with remote.

Post by ee1993 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:07 pm

Question for Intrinsically Safe or anyone else:

I purchased a 5300 Version 6 on EBay that was advertised as VHF. The unit I received was actually a 700/800 public safety band. This radio has the standard front control head and also a connector for a remote head. The radios will not key transmit or communicate through the microphone connector on the front. However, when I attached a V6 remote head from my other radio, the radio communicated and programmed as expected and a microphone will key the transmitter. Could this be a flex issue? Both displays track and the knobs on the main control head also work as expected. Is this radio defective or am I missing something regarding the remote head connector? I will likely open a case with EBay and try to return the unit unless someone here is interested in it. So far this is the first version 6 radio I have seen on EBay except for a few UHF units with Lightening control heads priced high.

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Re: 5300ES V6 with remote.

Post by W0VNE » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:30 pm

There is a ribbon cable that is has a surface mounted connector. I've seen these fail (Need resoldering) so it might be as simple as an open connection.

800 MHz is not of much interest to me but there are Volunteer Fire Department guys that might love one.

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