Midland 70-154B Field Programmable "Mod"

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Midland 70-154B Field Programmable "Mod"

Post by JoshWilliams » Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:27 pm

I was just wondering about something... I got a Midland 70-154B dirt cheap off of ebay. Great condition as far as I can tell, but it did not come "FPP" as it said it did. After doing some research, I saw that there was a "Sister" to this radio, the icom-H16 or something along those lines? Anyways, it refers to a "Jumper J701 being removed," (This is after trying to figure out what language the author to the directions was using.) I opened up the 70-154, and did not find this "Jumper." I did everything that was demonstrated with the H-16, but the board that the IC-h16 has...:http://oh3tr.ele.tut.fi/~ftp/modificati ... auki_3.jpg
is nothing close to the 70-154Bs.
So, does anyone know where to locate the Midland's jumper, or is there even one? I'm not sure, its kind of complicated -_-

Well thanks in advance, I will check back frequently and respond as best as I can!!

Josh, KD7FLY

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