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XTR programming question

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 3:58 pm
by radioguy7
I recently picked up a nice XTR with the model number of 70-1342B-MM. Does anyone know if this radio is narrowband capable? I saw in another thread that maybe MM models are. The FCC ID number is AK5701342BMM and a search of the Part 90 database lists this model as capable of both 16K0F3E and 11K0F3E, so it makes me think that it can be narrowbanded. I am using the 70-1488w-cd v.2.1.4 Windows software for programming. I remember that the Bantam radios can be set to narrow by putting a check in the 3rd auxiliary box from the left and unchecking the same box makes it wide. Would the same be true for this model radio? There are no other settings in the software regarding wide or narrow.