P7100 Question

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P7100 Question

Post by mrk » Tue Jun 12, 2007 1:35 pm

Can anyone please post answers to the following questions?

1) What is the latest ADI/DSP & Flash version for the P7100 series 800MHz radio, and also the latest that is compatible with ProGrammer Ver R1605.

2) Can a P7100 that has the latest DSP & Flash be programmed with ProGrammer R1605, if the personality is crested from scratch and loaded into the radio, or must you have the newest version of ProGrammer?

3) What happens if you program a P7100 with new firmware and an old version of ProGrammer? Do you get a paperweight, or a quirky radio?

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Re: P7100 Question

Post by Meatball » Wed Sep 05, 2007 7:17 am

I don't have the latest version of P7100 Flash and DSP versions for Programmer 16 (I'd have to look at work). At one point they changed the flash (v13 flash, I think) so that the radio can only be programmed with programmer 19 or 20 (and subsequent versions) and a new program called "Radio Personality Manager" or RPM. RPM is another application that works in conjunction with Programmer 20. Apparently MACOM wanted to add some extra features for the P7100 and M7100 (and a couple other models) but didn't want to rewrite programmer completely, so they introduced RPM as an "add on." It also prevents people from programming P7100's and M7100's with Programmer 16 which was the last Programmer version without license activation (which I suspect is probably the real reason for RPM).

I haven't tried programming a P7100 with new flash using Programmer 16 or earlier, but I've been told by TAC that you'll get an error and the radio will refuse to program.

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Re: P7100 Question

Post by JungleJim » Sat Oct 27, 2007 1:09 pm

The latest (and last) version of flash for use by Programmer is J2R11B01. The latest version for Programmer R16 was J2R08A05. When new options or features are added to a radio, they must be incorporated into both the flash code for the radio and Programmer so they can be properly written. You can program a radio with flash code up to J2R11B01 using your Programmer R16, you just won't be able to access all those options the later code has to offer.

Also, Programmer personalities are not backward compatible. Programmer R16 cannot read a radio or saved file written with R17 or later.

Flash codes R13 and R14 can only be programmed with Radio Personality Manager (RPM). Programmer Radio Maintenance is also incompatible. This is due to a complete remap of the radios memory to greatly expand its capability. I just wish they'd let us use more than 8 charachters of the display.

DSP codes for J2R08A05 are as follows:
G4R06C04.DSP (Analog, Aegis-Unencrypted. and IMBE- Unencrypted)
G6R06C04.DSP (Analog, Aegis-DES and IMBE-DES)
F4R06C05.DSP (Analog, Aegis- Unencrypted and IMBE- Unencrypted)
F6R06C05.DSP (Analog, Aegis-DES and IMBE-DES)
F7R02A01.DSP (Analog, P25 AES, Aegis-DES and IMBE-DES)
The G versions are for the early model P7100 and the F versions are for the current model. They are not interchangeable due to changes in the physical circuits of the radios.

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