SC4 Programming issues

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SC4 Programming issues

Post by n2jve » Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:51 pm

Hi All,

Thanks for reading. I am trying to reprogram my Low Band Orion for 6 Meters because of some Frequencies changes etc. My friend who programmed it the last time does not have the programming and SC4 files anymore. So I came accross the SC4 file that I believe is right the first line as follows : FREQTBL / f / b0 /=02 and etc.

Anyways, I clicked on my 6 Meter file and a window popped up and said: "SC4 File may not be compatible with new Radio Type" so I tried it anyways.Tried going through th programming process but of course it didn't work (I figured as much).

Going through the Options and Directory Settings I made sure that the Enable SC4 Files was checked (which it was). Then Under Options in the Personality I clicked on General Options and looked to make sure that the path for the SC4 File Name is correct.
C:\SC4\35_4.sc4 (again it is correct)

I forgot to mention that about 3/4 of the way through the program process that i get a window pop up that says : Line 1 Bad Script--- (forgot what else it said)

I am using Programmer Version 16 with a homemade ribless cable. I know the cable works because I used it on the same Low Band Radio to program a bunch of 46 Mhz. Frequencies that I monitor without a problem.

So i'm asking if anyone has run into this type of problem with either Version 16 or any other Version. If anyone has any solutions it would be great. You can E-mail me directly at or leave a message on the list.

Thank You in advance for your help and response back.

Mike N2JVE

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