EDACS S825 on a conv radio?

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EDACS S825 on a conv radio?

Post by n_zero_ndp » Thu Feb 28, 2002 9:49 pm

Anyone ever try programming an EDACS S825 (combo # actually sez it's an S850) with the conventional S825 software???

Wanting to test out a couple of LB Rangrs & I don't have any other heads like an S550/950/990

Any suggestions???

Ken in KC

Elroy Jetson
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Post by Elroy Jetson » Thu May 09, 2002 2:56 pm

I don't think it will work. Different firmware.

I would be interested in trading you a conventional (S825 or S830) head for an S840 or S850 (edacs) head as a straight even trade.

I've also been told that using a conventional head on an edacs radio (or vice versa) may damage either or both units.


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Post by vcaruso » Fri May 10, 2002 12:02 am

The Edacs head if used on a conventional radio will screw the eprom up so I wouldnt suggest using it.

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