ic-7400 freq.expansion ?

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ic-7400 freq.expansion ?

Post by roger » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:39 pm

I bought my IC-7400 (European version) used and it will not tx from 146-148 mhz. I have found some info on removing 0 ohm jumpers to expand freq's but some of
them have already been removed and some haven't. what I need is a list of what freq. each jumper effects.
They are numbered (w1600-w1601-w1602 etc through w1610. Since some were already missing and I do not have a IC-7400 manual
I do not know what the original configuration was.
I do have a IC-756 pro manual but I'm sure it is different.
If someone might tell me the specific jumper for just the vhf area I would
certainly appreciate the help. Thanks Roger (kd4jpf)

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