ICOM FT33 portable TX adjustments

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ICOM FT33 portable TX adjustments

Post by jim202 »

Was just shown a new ICOM FT33 portable. Put it on a service monitor and saw that the deviation was on the high side. Was told this is a new radio just out of the box by the user.

Never seen this radio before, I have to ask about it. Just how are any adjustments made to the transmitter? Is there a software program or is it internal adjustments?

I may end up having to service these and would like to be pointed in the right direction. The portables seem to be well designed from the outside. Only time will tell as to how they hold up. They have got to be better than the old GE MPI portables.


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Post by jsikora »

As far as I can remember it is all software programmable. Most people never look at that, program the radio and ship it out. On all the programming disks there is normally an "Adjust" program.


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