IC-F50V Paging Questions

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IC-F50V Paging Questions

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I'm looking into migrating from Minitor III pagers to the Icom IC-50V for our department. However, the local dealer is telling me some things that aren't making a lot of sense to me. We currently use a long tone (i.e. group call) as our paging tone. I've been told that with a long tone, the radio cannot be set up to keep the audio muted before a page is sent when set to vibrate. The only way to make a long tone work with vibrate is to manually turn the volume all the way down and then turn it up when the radio alerts by vibrating.

I've also been told that the radio will only do an audible alert for a two-tone page, not a long tone page.

If this is all correct, it doesn't make a lot of sense. What I'd like to do is have one channel programmed for audible alert and another channel programmed for vibe alert, both with the same long tone and both so that the audio is muted until the page is received. Is this doable?

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