TKR-740 question

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TKR-740 question

Post by nealg58 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:39 pm

Has anyone been successful in converting a TKR-740K to go below 146 MHz on receive? The local ARES group is getting a unit surplus that is currently programmed simplex in the 155 MHz range. The thought was to just use the unit without the 100 watt power amp in the ARES trailer as a small 'site' repeater. It would work as a backup to the MCV equipment on the county MCV (Mobile Command Vehicle). Instead of a duplexer, two antennas would be used separated by several wavelengths, possibly with the receive antenna high up on the push up mast and the transmit on top of the trailer since the unit can be programmed for 5 watts max or lower. It would be nice, but not really necessary, if it could go below 146 MHz - say 144-145 MHz range. If not, no biggie.



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