Vertex VX 510 L programming

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Vertex VX 510 L programming

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I have a pair of Vertex 510L from an auction that I need to program with new Freeq's for local Vol. Fire use.
I have a Knock off cable DB9/Mini -Tip, ring, ring, sleeve, (and an RJ for another model?)
And Freeware DOS software. I've established I am using the correct Comm port. Via Sereal not USB adaptor.
Is there any known problem using Windows NT DOS? Or should I use an old Win 98 DOS?
I can get the units to TX/RX and get the "Program/Send" modes open but I keep getting a comm error message on the programmer when I try and write/read from the HT's.

Any one know a Vertex programmer in the NYC area?


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Re: Vertex VX 510 L programming

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use 98 dos

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