Relm RPV599A plus programming issue

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Relm RPV599A plus programming issue

Post by mp3sgt » Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:14 am

I program radios for my vol. fire dept. I have 3 different models of portables to work with right now. All 3 support two tone paging which is what I need. I have programmed the RPV16 with no problem and the HYT TC-780 with no problem. But the pesky RPV599a plus just does not want to finish. I keep trying to do an initial "read" into my laptop and it gets to 100% and then says "communication interrupted". I have fumed over this as there is no interruption. It is almost like Relm makes up a pretend error. I digressed. On to my computer:
Emachines laptop
Windows XP SP3 with latest updates
"Relm" certified serial to USB adapter(no serial ports on the laptop)
USB 2.0 spec ports
Relm RPV599a plus software version 3.2

I have set the serial adapter to COM3 with no other items sharing COM3.
I have not tried to "write" to radio as I have no 599 frequency list files saved. I do not want to have to manually enter every channel again.

Of note is that I did get a Relm RM series to program perfectly with my same laptop.

I have contacted Relm with the issue but still waiting.

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Re: Relm RPV599A plus programming issue

Post by dennis1znet » Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:36 am

The problem is the RPV599Aplus software does not support USB adaptors. The software will only work with the old 9 pin serial ports.

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