IC-F30LT Programming cable

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IC-F30LT Programming cable

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Does anyone have a programming cable for sale or know where I can get one for the IC-F30LT? Or does anyone have the pinout for the jack? Or does anyone know how to field program these (if possible)?? I haven't been able to find any source of the cable and we were given these radios, so I would hate to not be able to use them.


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Well, I found a cloning cable at http://www.ameradio.com/product/8748-88 ... ories.html

And a "C-F30LT VHF Transceiver Programming Manual (24 pages)" is listed at http://www.marineelectronicshoppe.com/M ... oducts.htm

A service Manual is listed at QSO

Hope some of this helps
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Re: IC-F30LT Programming cable

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I have the setup for these radios. I have a F40LT, great radio. PM me

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