Bendix King KX-99 Repairs

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Bendix King KX-99 Repairs

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So, I bought a new KX-99 for use as a backup radio in my aircraft survival kit many years ago and one day, after recharging the battery as I often did, I noticed the only audio I could get was a constant motor-boating that could be stopped using the squelch control. It had only a few hours of use on it just to run the battery down before charging, and was in perfect condition cosmetically. Placed it in the cosmetically-perfect original box and sent it off to Bendix King for out-of-warranty repairs. They wrote me that it was not repairable, but for $100, they could send me a rebuilt replacement, so that's what I did.
The replacement was well worn and scratched and my original box was not returned, but the radio worked. Put it in my survival bag. Ran the battery down and recharged it occasionally. One day a couple years ago it started the motor-boating again, but this time it could not be cut off by the squelch control. About that time, BK stopped support for these handhelds.
There was a guy about that time who advertised that he could repair these for $100 or so, but I've lost his contact info. Seems like he replaced the bad capacitors in them.
So, the unit sits on a shelf and I haven't had a backup radio in years, hoping my luck doesn't run out. The only electronics experience I have is building a couple of Heathkits about 50 years ago.
Does anyone have any thoughts about who could repair this radio? I see used ones on Ebay but have to think that they are ticking time-bombs, awaiting for their caps to fail.
Thanks in advance.
Al in New Mexico

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