Lightning Control Head

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Lightning Control Head

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These are high visibility control heads and look fantastic, however I have found very little information on them. Being an owner of one, I will pass on whatever information I have about these heads.

I need to hook the radio to an external IP remote control unit and since it uses a different microphone plug than the normal 53SL/SE models (which use the same connector as the 5300's) I went searching for the connectors, and again DIGIKEY carries the parts:

The plastic housing parts and pieces are made by

Hirose Electric: HR-30-8P-12PC(71) DIGIKEY Part#: HR-586-ND

you will need to order the pins as hey are not included with the housing: pins are

Hirose Electric: HR-30-PC-211 26-30 AWG gold crimp male pins DIGIKEY Part#:HR880CT-ND

There are some on line general operating manuals that include info on the Lightning Head - I have not as of yet located a true SERVICE manual on it.

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