Question about really old EFJ 5300s ver 1.10.0

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Question about really old EFJ 5300s ver 1.10.0

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I've got some super old 5300s that have the 68HC11 cpu and there are some with rev 11.11 firmware and others with 10.xx Was there ever a way to update this by computer or was this some sort of JTAG or component thing? Is there a PCTUNE made for these relics?

Also I've some ARM based 5300s that have the 035-1800-410.05 logic boards.
File Format 5.5
DSP 0.1.23 up to 1.64
Hardware Version 0.1.2
Boot Loader Version "Not applicable" <-Huh??

So nothing for bootloader version. And nothing I can come up with seems to do update them. I've got express updaters and tried doing it from PCConfig.
Has anyone figured out either of these oddities? Is there a special version of PCC that lets me update these golden oldies. If I knew what I was looking for I probably already have it.

When I put the radio into firmware update mode and try one of the express updaters it times out communications error and there is a warning about it being version 0

Thanks for any helpe and sorry if this just turns out to be a short circuit between the headphones.

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