Tait programing

Discussion regarding Tait Equipment. Portables: TP9400 TP9461, TP9100 Mobiles: TM9400 & TM9100. Base stations/Repeaters: TB9400 TB9100 & Transportable. P25 Network: TN9400. DMR: Portables and Mobiles: TP9300 TP9361 TM9300, Base stations: TB9300 TB7300 DMR Networking: NT9300, Fixed Data; TD9300 & MPT1327 equipment.
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Tait programing

Post by mgquiroz »

Does anyone know how to program 2040 in the tait conventional? -

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Re: Tait programing

Post by ka7wnf »

I tinkered with some 2030 radios that are quite similiar. It wasn't hard to do but they only offer a small number of conventional channels. They were narrowband only and no PL.

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