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Icom F121 chop-out while using PL CTCSS Tone?

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 6:55 am
by N3HIA
I have a link setup for a repeater using (2) Icom F121 VHF units and I use a PL/CTCSS tone to keep it clear. I am experiencing what seems to be audio chop-out on voice peaks ONLY when the PL tone is on. I am not detecting any over-deviation, tx freq is dead on, and I have adjusted the PL tone level up and down (DTCS/CTCSS deviation setting in CS-F100 software) and experienced no change. When I turn off the PL tone, the audio does not chop out. If I reduce the transmitter audio to a lower level, it does not chop out - but then the audio is too low.

I have purchased an extra F121 and swapped out the transmitter side of the system and there was no change in the symptom.

Thanks! Rick N3HIA