Since we don't have a Datron section...

This is a forum to discuss Thales / Racal radios such as the Thales Liberty, T25, PRC-148.
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Since we don't have a Datron section...

Post by mancow »

Anyone have any cable pinouts for the Datron g25rmv100? It's basically a Racal Thales 25 in an XTS type body.

I have the SW just need a pinout.
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Re: Since we don't have a Datron section...

Post by W0VNE »

I'm not sure if this is what your looking for?

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
[ o ]
10 11 12
13 14 15
16 17 18

1 Ext Mic or WE* Mic input or Key Transfer Indicator input, asserted by voltage <0.8VDC
2 Ext Mic or KEY Mic input or bu-directional key data, TTL Levels
3 Gnd
4 WRU Who Are you identifies external device
5 Spkr+ or Keyload 500mw into 8 ohms or TTL level low output when keyloader is connected
6 PTT or KID Grounded for transmit or Pseudorandom key insert data TTL level input
7 RADIO OFF* Power Off Overide. Grounded = off, +3-5 forces Radio to power up.
8 Spkr-
9 Squelch TTL high = valid receive signal
10 232 CLK Synchronous clock output to PC terminal (DCE) RS-232 Level (>+3V=Zero <-3V=One)
11 232 TX Data
12 232 RX Data
13 232 RTS
14 232 DTR
15 232 CTS
16 RX - Programming Cable RS232
17 TX - Programming Cable RS232
18 External Power Output current limited to 50 mA, Input voltage limited to 13.8 VDC
*Note Pins 16, 17, 3 are all that are required to program the radio. The Radio software does keyloading directly without needing an external device (Such as the KVL Keyloader) You can still use a KVL or one of the new open source clones but these are not required.

Obviously the RS232 Levels are not the + and - 12V swings associated with normal RS232 but they do need to go plus / minus to work. The 5V / 0 sort of "RS232" doesn't work.

The Mobile version of this radio has a DB25 connector that is not standard RS232 pinout but like the Handheld Radio all that is needed to build a programming cable are the 3 signals TX, RX, Gnd.
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