Motorola R2670 VGA connector

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Motorola R2670 VGA connector

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Anyone had any success getting the VGA connector on the R2670 to work properly? It IS an output isnt it?? I have tried several monitors and other screens and nothing works and I cannot find a screen to set the output rate, etc. Am I missing something?

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Re: Motorola R2670 VGA connector

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Old thread so sorry to be late to the party. If I understand it someone said at least one version was CGA? Really old time super low res so your VGA monitor might not sync up. I did see on EBAY a guy selling working color displays for the R2670 that was fairly inexpensive. I rather with someone made up a retro fit version however. Not related but I picked up a box of little TFT displays to play around with the Arduino KVL (KFD?) keyloader board. Next to nothing in cost! Pretty cool time to be alive although with all the wars going on and chip shortages... Maybe not so great after all. Am looking for some tips on fixing up my EBAY special R2670. When it arrived it worked except for the watt output indication. Just zilch all the time. Now in Generate mode I get nothing on both outputs. The receiver using the Ant BNC connector works fine. Freq, deviation the works. The N connector appears to be ok although there are large print warning to not remove the right angle connector so you don't flex the systems RF connector. *Did check it and its not open. Don't have the service manual and the R2600 one I have has unreadably small text on the schematics.
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